Crediton and District Pool League Rules
Amended April 2017

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1    Each team should consist of at least six players. However a minimum of three players can play a match.
2    A player may only play for one team during any one season. Except, as stated in Rule 4.
3    All players in league matches & competitions must be registered league players.
4    No transfers are allowed once a player has played for a team, except in exceptional circumstances, which will be decided by the committee prior to any such transfer.
5    There is no limit to the number of new players signing onto a team (as long as Rules 2, 3 & 4 are obeyed) up until the last match of the first half of the season. After this time, every team can sign on an extra two players, providing the player or players meet with the approval of at least three committee members. This approval can be obtained on the night of the match in question.
6    Subject to Rule 5, players may be signed on “on the night”, provided name, address & signature accompany the score card.
7    Each summer match will consist of twelve singles games. Each of the twelve games will consist of one frame only. Each winter match will consist of twelve single games. Each of the twelve games will consist of one frame only.
8    Any one player can play a maximum of two frames, but not two in a row.
9    Three points will be awarded for winning the match. One point will be awarded for drawing a match. Aggregate frame scores will be used to determine league positions only where teams are level on points.
10    Winter: Matches are to be started at 7.30p.m. The home captain will nominate his player to sign the card and play. The away captain will then nominate his first player. If a player is not present to start or carry on a match then that team shall forfeit that frame and every five minutes thereafter shall forfeit a further frame. Any players not present in the playing area by 9.00p.m. are ineligible to play.
    Summer: Matches are to be started at 7.30 p.m.The first 6 frames will be drawn out by the captains before the match starts and played in that order. If six players are not present the draw still needs to be made and the captain has the option of playing the matches out of order if both captains agree, If not frames can be claimed. After that the home captain will nominate his player to sign the card and play. The away captain will then nominate his first player. If a player is not present to start or carry on a match then that team may forfeit that frame and every five minutes thereafter shall forfeit a further frame. Any players not present in the playing area by 10.00p.m. are ineligible to play.
    All frames should be played consecutively – frame concessions due to a lack of players may only be entered on the score card when all eligible players have played two frames. (This only applies to frames 7-12)
11    Tables should be level and fit to play on. They should also be correctly marked. The team captains are to agree on the playing surface before the match commences. Any complaints or disagreements are thereafter invalid.
12    The home team are responsible for any table charges for the match.
13    Frames are to be refereed alternately starting with the home team.
14    The winning team is responsible for sending the results card by text,email, facebook or mail to the results secretary, signed by both captains & legible within four days of the match. Failure to do so will result in the match becoming void. In the event of a tie it is the home teams responsibility to send the card. The winning player at any venue of a knock out competition is responsible for ensuring that the fixtures secretary is notified within six days of that competition taking place. Best practice is to either photocopy the card before it is posted in case it does get lost in the post.
15    Complaints should be referred to the chairman in writing.
16    Each team is allowed any number of players between the ages of 14 – 18 with the supervision of 2 adults.
17     To comply with underage drinking laws, any players under the age of eighteen are to be notified to the home teams bar staff upon arrival by that team’s captain. Any under eighteen players caught drinking alcohol during a league or cup match will be ejected from the league and the team lose the match 12-0.
18    Any breach of the rules will result in the offending team forfeiting the match 12-0.
19    All matches will be played by the rules of The World Eight Ball Pool Association 2009 with the exception of the timing rules.
20    If a team fails to turn up without the minimum of three players, that team loses two further points.
21    If a team fails to notify either the venue or the opposing captain and does not turn up for two matches throughout the season; then that team will be thrown out of the league, if this should occur in the first half of the season, all previous results will be void. If this should occur in the second half of the season only first half results will stand and second hand results will be void.
22    Any team that withdraws from the league within the first half will have all previous results void. If a team withdraws in the second half all first half results will stand and all second half results will be void.
23    Games can be rearranged by exception only eg bad weather. Refer to the chairman if in any doubt and advise the fixtures secretary if any games are rearranged and he will liaise with both teams to ensure games are played in a timely manner.
24    All players playing in the Pairs competition should be aware of the talking rule in accordance with the World Eight Ball Association Rules.
25    Any team not represented at the A.G.M. – by either the team captain or a team member (excluding committee members) will be deducted four points at the start of the forthcoming season.
26    All frames must be played in a “sportsmanlike manner”. No cue or table abuse, no conceding of frames in haste, no unscrewing of cues (with the exception of doing so to assist in the playing of a shot), no verbal abuse aimed at (or coming from) opponents/bystanders/supporters etc. If unsportsmanlike behaviour is observed frames could be awarded immediately. The offending player(s) could also be excluded from the league. Bystanders/supporters will be asked by the referee in conjunction with the licensee (or their representative) to leave the playing area.
27    The referee’s decision is final. The referee will take whatever action is necessary to uphold the spirit and rules of the game. All team captains are requested that any referee they appoint has adequate knowledge of the rules.
28    If a team fails to turn up to a game without giving at least 24 hours notice, they will be fined £10.00 which is to be paid to the landlord/landlady. Until this fine is paid the team will be suspended from playing further league games. Any games missed due to this will result in the opposing team being awarded the game 12-0. (Could we please ask that the landlord/landlady notifies the fixtures secretary when the fine has been received).
29    If any person or persons either physically or verbally abuses any player in the league a captains meeting will be called and the details heard. If found guilty, the person or persons will be banned from playing in the Crediton and District pool league for an agreed period from the date of the hearing. During match play committee members will become the “average player”.
30    Any player wishing to play in the individual or pairs cup competitions needs to have played at least one match in the first half and one match in the second half of the season by the time the final is played.
31    If a team turn up with only 3 players, 1 player only will be able to play three frames. A draw by the opposing captain must take place prior to the match starting and the player can’t play two frames in a row and must play frame 7. If any further players turn up during the match this rule is null and void. All other rules must be adhered to as well.
32    Home team to break in the odd frames and the away team on the even frames.

These Rules Will Be Strictly Enforced


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